Pinsetters (CPS-002 Metal Back-End System)


System-300 string pinsetter and CPS-002 Metal Back-End System (patent pending) is the ultimate choice for all bowling centres who don’t have the need to fill the requirements of bowling tournaments. Compared to traditional freefall pinsetter, string pinsetter requires practically no maintenance, and its operating costs are very low. Because of these features, it’s popularity has grown tremendously in recent years and keeps growing.

How String Pinsetter Works?

The pins are hung to the pinsetter with durable, black nylon string, which is virtually invisible to the bowlers. After a throw, the pinsetter organizes the pins back to their places by lifting simultaneously the pins up, so that they hang loose at the end of the strings. This way the pins return to their places quickly and almost noiselessly.

Benefits of String Pinsetter (Compared to Freefall Pinsetter)

  • Reduced investment
  • Shortened installation time
  • Need for maintenance and repair is reduced significantly
  • Simple design: has considerably fewer parts
  • Need to replace pins is smaller
  • Does not require certified mechanics for maintenance – the staff of the centre can do the maintenance work
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Weights less than freefall pinsetter
  • Quiet operation: resetting pins is virtually noiseless

Together these benefits mean one thing: cost-efficiency and money savings.

We also offer freefall pinsetters for traditional bowling centres. Send us a message, we’ll happily tell you more.

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