Bowling Lane Surfaces

System-300 manufactures and provides durable bowling lane surfaces in prestige designs, made of high-quality materials. We provide synthetic lanes with colour, pattern and markings of your choice.

Our main strength as a bowling lane manufacturer is the ability to provide hardwearing bowling lane surfaces with custom design. We manufacture bowling lane surfaces in colour and with the glow effect and light system of your choice. We also implement localized warning texts and other markings of your wish.

High-pressure Laminate – The Optimal Material for Bowling Lane Surface

System-300 synthetic lane surfaces are made of thick homogenous High Pressure Laminate (HPL), which is specially developed for bowling lanes. The raw material is impregnated with special formulas of plastics and then compressed under high pressure. The result is an optimal bowling lane surface that meets all required technical specifications for the best bowling performance and sliding characteristics of approach lanes.

Standard Bowling Lane Surfaces

USBC Approved nr. 001-17-LP


Customised warning text printed behind foul line


One common panel consists of down lane 36 inch markers for analysis of ball reaction


Model Pro lane surface is 10 mm thick and provides to advanced bowler variating shades of wood boards for improved targeting and analysis of ball reaction. This is the most high-end bowling lane surface design in the market and the best choice for centres where competitive bowling tournaments are arranged.

Concept White lane surface offers excellent platform for exposure of colourful LED lights installed above the lanes. It is ideal solution to match any kind of interior design.





Birch Decor lane surface is a true classic with its elegant appearance and high bowling performance features, such as smooth shoe sliding characteristics on approach and high glossy lane panels for efficient ball reaction. We provide this design as non-glow and full-glow versions, and even with different pattern glow designs.

Walnut Decor Image


Black Decor Image


Walnut Decor Image Lane and Black Decor Image Lane offer great possibilities for interior designers and concept developers, thus still enabling System-300’s world class bowling performance features: the smooth shoe sliding characteristics on approach and high glossy lane panels for efficient ball reaction.

In addition to these standard surfaces, System-300 provides bowling lanes in the colour and pattern of your choice. When you want to develop a unique bowling lane of your own design, contact us – we provide to you lane surfaces with any shade and pattern you wish!

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