Lane Parts

System-300 provides bowling alleys with the necessary lane products such as gutters, cappings and ball racks and hoods. Our lane products are fitted to meet the highest standards and requirements. They are made of durable PVC plastic materials and are finished with high-quality LED lights.



System-300 gutters are made of strong and thick PVC plastic. They can afterwards be upgraded with automatic bumper gutter add-ons.

Cappings And Covers

System-300 cappings are made of durable black PVC. The special characteristic of our cappings is a glow-filling track, which can be decorated with leds or plastic which glows in UV light. The cappings are available in many different colors. We deliver also standard black cappings without glow-filling track.

We also deliver covers which hide the foul line detector. The covers are easy to install to System-300 cappings. The standard cover color is black.


Ball Rack and Hood

System-300 ball racks and hoods are durable and stylish. The racks are made of hardwearing metal, and the ball hoods are of thick PVC plastic. Racks and hoods are available in many different colors.

The main benefit of System-300 rack and hood combination it in its space-efficiency. It fits in a relatively small space. Its compactness does not mean overcrowding on the rack, though: it has well enough space to hold enough bowling balls for the whole bowling team.

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