Automatic Bumper Gutter System

System-300 bumper gutter system is a fully automated, patented solution, which can be integrated to most automatic scoring systems available. Today bumper gutter systems are a standard equipment in most bowling centres. It makes bowling easier for people who are only learning to bowl, especially children.

With Bumper Gutter System, Even Small Children Can Enjoy Bowling

Automated bumper gutter system is an essential part of any bowling and entertainment centre. It is important to offer children the opportunity to learn bowling with feelings of success and joy. This way you can contribute to the popularity bowling as both an entertainment and sport: when children have positive, happy memories of bowling, they are more likely to return to the bowling centre later as teenagers and adults.

With automatic bumper system, bowling becomes an easy and convenient form of entertainment for entire families. It makes it possible for parents, teenagers and children to bowl together. The bumpers rise automatically, when it’s the child’s turn, and are automatically lowered as soon as it’s a more skilled bowler’s turn.

Patented System-300 Bumper Gutter System is Durable and Safe for Children

The special feature of System-300 bumper gutter system is in its structure, which makes it extremely durable and safe to use. The gutter and bumper profiles are made of impact-resistant PVC plastic. You can even step on the bumper without breaking it – the bumper bends under your foot and bounces back up, when you lift your foot. The system also withstands impacts of even the heaviest bowling balls.

Benefits of System-300 Bumper Gutter System

  • System-300 bumper gutter system is available in different colours. Our stock colour is black.
  • Glowing elements and lights can be integrated to the bumpers.
  • Bumper lifting system (air hoses and pneumatic parts such as magnetic valves) is extremely durable and meets the highest standards and offers reliability in function.
  • It’s simple to install: even in modernizations, it saves installation hours even up to 50% compared to similar products.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.

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